Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Is dead retirement?

Today I received a linked in message asking me to contribute a 300 word piece to a competition on what the world will be like when I retire.  I'm not sure what to reply. Isn't retirement dead? 

The challenge is that I think the concept of 'retirement' is a bit 20th Century and Old World. With healthier eating, stem cell research, bionics, robotics etc. our bodies should last much longer.  And the last financial crash taught all who would listen that it is practically impossible to store up value over a prolonged time to be reclaimed later.  It makes little sense to plan your life in the old linear model - selling your lifetime doing anything, even something you hate, hoping to accumulate enough value to give you the freedom for the rest.

The World After Midnight rule is 'folding'.  Folding work and enjoyment into each other, relationships and travel and so on.  I hope that I am now fully retired and active at life.  And as my good friend Ken Dore says "If you find a job you love… you never have to work a day in your life!"

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  1. Eddie I couldn't agree more! "Retirement" is so Old World... Maybe the word won't be in common use by 2050? Thanks so much for referencing our BusinessBecause competition - we're fascinated to see the various entries... http://www.businessbecause.com/competitions/when-i-retire