Sunday, 28 November 2010

Never Late Just Early for the Next Opportunity

Last Friday was a long day. I had a breakfast meeting in London planned. An early breakfast in London. That meant an even earlier start from home. Subzero temperatures meant the duvet had to be surgically removed in order for me to be extracted from a lovely warm bed. The time was tight - I had to make the 06:23. Normally I ease the tension and calm myself by humming to myself the Tom Lehrer song based on Alice in Wonderland. I alter the words, which always makes me smile inwardly - "I'm late I'm late for a very Un-important date. No time to say 'Hello.' 'Goodbye.' I'm late... I add the (Un) prefix to amuse myself.

This time however it was important. The person I am meeting has some very crucial organisational and personal news and I don't want to be late under any circumstances. In know that if I miss the 0623 I can catch the 0634 which will make me slightly late. I think to myself "Never Late just Early for the Next Opportunity" - this makes me smile.

I make the breakfast meeting and I'm onto my next deadline - I have to finish my monthly article for Project Manager Today .

I spend the rest of the morning working furiously on it. It is late because I have lacked inspiration for a topic. But at my breakfast our conversation had turned to Ireland and the IMF, The UK and the Big Cuts and ‘Happiness’ and I had a topic and inspiration.

After three hours of furious work I hit the send button on the email and off it goes - only to receive a message by return saying that I've missed the deadline by a couple of minutes and that it will now have to appear next month.

I am gutted. The article is on target, topical, useful and funny. If you don't believe me you can read it here. [Big Cuts, Big Society, Excellent Execution and Happy Citizens]

Will it keep for a month or will it go stale?" I worry and then I think to myself "Never Late just Early for the Next Opportunity" - this makes me smile.