Saturday, 22 May 2010

Dancing Guy is cooler than Dominoes

I had the combined joy, delight and dismay of watching Derek Sivers deliver his "Dancing Guy" at TED.  For years I have struggled to explain that the focus on leadership was overblown.  That "Followership" was the key and that if you want to lead you have to understand how to connect to followers.   I also explained how in real life many people wouldn't follow you but might follow someone else who was was following you and so on.  In a large organisation you can have a magnified effect if you plan the circles of followership.  This domino Effect I even wrote about in The Complete Leader.   
I have even carried boxes of dominoes to workshops to demonstrate the effect for real as a teaching aide.   And then I saw the Dancing Guy video.  In five minutes. lesson taught and laughter too..

Watch and enjoy ...