Monday, 4 January 2010

Now I no longer need to IMAGINE

I'm grinning from ear to ear. Susan has produced a real treat for me. As part of my personal quest to get people to see the New-World and get business management and life into the 'reality zone', I'm always looking for analogies, images and stories. Susan's phenomenal re-working of Matisse's goldfish to create IMAGINE A FISH helps me continue to provoke, inspire and enlighten.

I'm sure you know the tired old proverb about 'Teaching a Man to fish...' It's a really brilliant but now obsolete piece of Old-World thinking. It assumes that you already know about the existence of fish and that somebody (you) already has the skill to catch them.

I'm not so sure that that is true today. In our fast-changing, complex world, the chances are that other people who also have the knowledge and skills (probably learnt through google and wikipedia) have already taken all the Opportunities available. There are no Opportunities that you recognise left. Instead you have to seek out and create Possibilities. To achieve that you must first IMAGINE A FISH. You can reach the dedicated page here

... and a Happy New Decade!

Before the last millennium ended, decades ran from one to ten. And then a bug came along and threatened us. We couldn't wait to take action and so a decade started at zero. Of course you can also have a decade which starts from 7 and runs to 16 but for most humans with ten fingers and thumbs they only like to celebrate once every ten years.

To end the last decade, someone unfamiliar with the complexities of a decision making process, decided that 190 countries could come to a decision within a two week period. Perhaps a bit mad? When I workshop 200 people into engagement and decisions I build up to the final decision not unilaterally or with all parties participating but through a planned fractal from two to four to eight and with a number of frameworks for summarising 'out in the open' and hidden agenda issues. And that's when they're all on the same side...

Worst still are the statements "I believe the scientists." or "I don't believe the scientists." You shouldn't have to believe scientists, that's the point of science, it's 'science' not religion.

So I wish you health, mirth and wealth (but not so much it distorts your reality and makes you depressed.)