Friday, 20 November 2009

Quotes and Slogans

Over the past couple of weeks I've been noticing quotes and slogans.

I enjoyed "The ability to access your ability to influence your mental attitude" which I picked up from the Value Partnership.

Laughed at the enigmatic ,"To catch up with yourself you've got to slow down" from Colin Burns.

Chris Hurst's "When you try to move an organisation you get a stretch at one end and a pinch at the other".

Nicolas Chagrin, a Romanian-Brit who lives in Dorset, amused me with "... and that's how I got my surname" And when he was asked how his surname was spelt replied "Chagrin or you would probably say Chargin."

"Drinking alcohol is so medieval". from Susan Ross. Her explanation, "It dates back to the days before we had clean drinking water" . 

From Garrison Keeler, from his story about deciding one morning to go wherever the stone he kicked went - which then tells how he missed school, got accused of smoking, and all in all had a real adventure, "You've got to kick that stone. I was lucky I kicked it when I was young so I know real freedom".

I've used my own "Events Evaporate but Patterns Persist." to great effect. I was intriguted by the impact my "Leaders get the Followers they deserve" had on a group of senior leaders from Allianz the worlds biggest insurer. 

Marianne Guldbrandsen the Chief Design Officer at the Design council hit me with "Innovation isn't just the journey but the change you are personally going to go through

Neal Stone the magical man who brought us nights of real sleep on airlines through his design of the BA club class yin-yang beds told me that "Design is a verb not a noun.

Matt Hunter the Iconic IDEO thought-leader taught me that "No CEO can argue with the smiling face of a customer." 

And from David Lomas the ex-Innovation Lab Supremo, commenting on the stability of computers and PCs "Sheeesh! Think I'll go back to laying concrete..."

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Pre-Printed Surprise

Last time I said "Never again" but obviously not loud enough for Brett our travel agent based in London 30 miles away to hear. So once again I'm on a United Airlines flight to Chicago.

I'd planned to work - eight glorious hours of uninterrupted creative work. But the reading lights in the cabin weren't working. In no time the staff had handed out to us pre-printed "Please accept our apology" cards. There seemed to be plenty to go round and plenty left over, The weight perhaps half of the airline's payload? Amazing that they had so many when this maintenance failure must surely have been a big surprise.
I did complain politely and as has always happened in my experience with United, I was invited by the crew, to email the mangers to complain. I haven't because I'm waiting for a reply to my last email which is over three months overdue. Worse was to come. If you know the seat layout of United, you'll know that there's no where to put your stuff - your phone wallet etc. The poor chap behind me manages to lose his mobile in the seat. I watched fascinated and horrified as other passengers were turfed out of their seats, the stewardess tried to remove the cover, poked around with a coat hanger among all the electric motors... I've attached a photo of his empty seat.

If I had time I'd tell you more about the return flight where the engineer had to come down the cabin to search for the source of a very loud rattle, but that will have to keep for next time...