Tuesday, 20 October 2009

How do you have lunch during a marathon?

First you travel to Budapest. Then you enter the relay! As the third of three I had time to cheer on the starting leg, time for lunch and then time for a sprint to the end...
Discovering that the Chain bridge was the same design as the one in Marlow UK was evidence that some people have been thinking NewWorld for decades. Do nothing of NO use! and modularise (Chunk it or Junk it!)

Monday, 19 October 2009

Living in my own time

One of my oldest friends, Jacob Hodgson said to me. You know what you should do is dig out all the ideas you had 15 to 20 years ago and try them again. The world has probably reached that point by now. His comment was prophetic. This morning Christophe Gillet, Andy Burnett and I were discussing how we could should approach Serious games. Serious games is a movement intending to use computer gaming as an educational vehicle.
In 1996 working with Keith Still the mathematician I created Columbus for a company called Nuclear Electric. Columbus was the first ever Virtual Reality Business Game on the planet. We had been asked to find a way to teach (nuclear) scientists business acumen and skills and a simulation seemed like a great idea.) We used an Indigo for the programming (really cool technology for the time) and created a 6 module/ level game of the basics of business acumen and market segmentation and dynamics) Columbus was a context-free simulation, built on the now redundant Superscape PC platform.

We would work a full day and then at 21:00 I would drive at break-neck speed from Beaconsfield to Stokenchurch. to work with Keith. We would design develop and programme until 1 a.m. and then I would drive home to sleep.
I learnt that there was a massive difference between a game and a learning tool, no correlation between enjoyment and challenge, that the graphics could often be more distracting than helpful... and a host of other things